Logo + Ad Campaign + Poster
PYNCH designs bespoke indoor rock climbing holds. Their model centers around their slogan "made for hands." Their mission is to change the way indoor climbing holds are designed.
While the traditional approach to designing rock climbing holds attempts to mimic texture and surface characteristics of real rocks, PYNCH holds are designed to fit more intuitively into climbers' hands.
Why? Because indoor and outdoor climbing are different sports. Climbers often spend upward of 5 hours in a single indoor session, only resting for a few minutes between attempts. Textures that imitate real rocks are painful and dangerous for training under those conditions.
The logo is simple. The 'C' pinches the 'H,' demonstrating PYNCH's namesake rock climbing maneuver.
PYNCH's brand identity is really about hands, not holds. To convey that message, I took the holds out of the picture.
I designed a campaign that features hands intuitively gripping nothing at all. Set against a mute gray background, the focus is entirely on the hands.
This does more than just communicate the brand's core value. It also generates interest in the product. Viewers are left to wonder about what goes in the empty space.

I shot and edited all of the photos in this set on sight at an indoor climbing gym. To ensure accuracy and authenticity, I worked with two indoor rock climbers as hand models during a training session.
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